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    Anhui Genan Mullers Co.Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of grinding and polishing machines in China. We mainly produce CNC double faces grinding and polishing machines ,cylindrical grinders and ultrasonic washers. We introduce the most advanced production equipment and quality testing instrumentation. And we adopt ISO quality standard in the whole process of the purchase of raw materials, production,testing and marketing. We are known as reliable quality,efficient...
    Anhui Genan Mullers Co.,Ltd. persist for many years to continue to develop new products: Duble-sided Mullers, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, Plane Polishing Machine, Plane Light Band Testor,Single-sided Mullers, etc. Each new product launch, has withstood the severe test of the market, by the customer. Our company has strong technical strength, R & D equipment, fully able to meet the needs of new product research and development, and become the leading brand in the muller industry...
    Anhui Genan Mulllers Co.,Ltd.
    Mob: 0086-13855321210
    Contact: Manager Zeng
    Tel: 0086-553-6817115
    Add: No.8 Fuziling road, Nanling County, Wuhu City
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    Double-sided Mullers
    Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
    Plane Polishing Machine
    Plane Light Band Testor
    Single-sided Mullers


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      Add: No.8 Fuziling road, Nanling County, Wuhu City, China
    Mob: 0086-138 5532 1210

    Website: http://www.www.qmkyj.com
    Technical Support: Jieke-Net
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